Why Independent Hotels are destined to thrive
Expedia can be your best friend
You should be on Booking.com, like right now!
Google, Facebook and Independent Hotels

Why Independent?

Online travel agents have handed a golden key to independent and low-performing franchise hotels.  You can promote your hotel online almost better than ever, use GDS and OTAs independently, rate your own guest reviews via numerous independent sources and use operating technology much cheaper and faster. Going independent is no longer a loss, but a feasible and more profitable option.  

Here are some of the advantages of being an independent hotel:

To make a long story short, you might be better off as independent if you are not part of a major hotel brand.  

Expedia can be your best friend

Expedia and other OTAs can be your best friend particularly if your franchisor contribution to your hotel can't pay your bills! You need to get out of that franchise if their franchise fees and mandatory updates and renovation cost more than what you get from them. You now have an option and that is going independent and relying on multiple OTAs.

This does not mean that you have to go independent at all costs. If your franchise understands that your primary goal is creating income for you first and then others then perfect. In that case they will help you and you will see the results. But, if they prohibit you from using OTAs when they can't replace that income, then you might need to rethink your relationship with them.  Brands affiliated with IHG, Marriott and Hilton might never need OTAs to fill out their rooms, but using OTAs for some other franchised brands is a matter of survival.

20 Million Daily Visits
Expedia gets over 20 Million daily visits with over 88.6 Million backlinks, do you really want to block your hotel from 20 Millions visitors a day? More importantly, in our opinion, Backlinks are far more productive for the hotels than direct visits.

The Expedia visitors are mostly with college degrees and check Expedia from work or school. In comparison CHOICE gets only 3.5 Million visits a day with only 1.1 Million backlinks.

Why you should be on Booking.com, like right now!

Booking.com, though not as popular as Expedia in the US, gets far more visitors than most other franchise sites. Furthermore they cost far less than Expedia and as a matter of fact, they are far more cost effective than some of the franchises.

You also don't want to be dependent to Expedia only; OTAs, can and DO block you sometimes if your payment is a little late or some other technical problems. This is something that OTAs should work on if they don't want to be the next victim of internet growth. It's a matter of time for stronger and smarter OTAs to take the stage.

Nearly 10 million visitors check Booking.com every day with a whopping 540 Million total backlinks that is 500 times more than CHOICE and 5 times more than Expedia.  

Google, Facebook and Independent Hotels

Like it or not you are on Google and hopefully you are managing it correctly. Otherwise somebody else is the gate keeper for nearly 600 million daily visits to Google with 9.7 Billion Backlinks.  Facebook is close to half a billion at this time.

Independent or not, you need to be active on these two sites. Hotels should managed these sites according to their geographical market.